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REAL PROPERTY RESOURCES, INC. - RPR - is a real estate development and management firm with a proven commitment to the creation and maintenance of superior real estate value.

Fundamental to this commitment is a reservoir of over 45 continuous years of successful experience in planning, marketing, and managing properties ranging from shopping centers, office buildings and industrial parks to large scale land divisions.

RPR derives its origins from Barclay Hollander Curci, Inc.  BHI, formalized in 1961 by five partners who began their real estate development activities during the 1950's, focused mainly on land development and residential housing, including the first condominiums in California at Toluca Lake, Burbank in 1963.

RPR’s primary business is the development of income-producing real estate for its own account, and for the accounts of joint ventures of which it is the managing partner; and, the subsequent management and sale of those developed properties to maximize value and investment yields.

In 1995 RPR extended its operations and combined experience to pursue the acquisition and development of both residential and commercial real estate, taking advantage of value added opportunities offered by the cycling of real estate types in different geographical locations.

Since 1975, RPR has facilitated the development of property with an aggregate investment value exceeding $300,000,000.




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